samedi 12 janvier 2013

Del Sasser (Sam Jones)

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by Canonball Adderley :

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Wikipedia about Sam Jones :

A nice story about the tune's name (from some jazz forum ) :

I've got this one.
Back in the mid-eighties, when I was in my mid-twenties, I was working a steady five night a week gig (what ever happened to those?!) at the Jazz Workshop, on Broadway, in San Francisco. The actual Jazz Workshop, same room, piano, decor as back in the day. Different management, of course--it had languished as God-knows-what for 15-18 years or so, but some enterpreneurs had the idea of reviving it as a jazz club again. The great Donald Duck Bailey started the gig out on drums, but by the time of this story, he was very ably replaced by Carl Burnett, who came up from LA to do the gig. I guess the "new" Jazz Workshop lasted about 2-3 years or so, and this was at the end of the run--managment was feeling the pinch of bad business and we musicians now had to pay for our drinks. And they also started playing some jive s*** on the sound system on breaks--the handwriting was on the wall. All of which caused me to take my breaks elsewhere--I'd walk down to Columbus Ave, hang a left, and then another into the little dead-end alley just before Tosca and get my taste(s) at Specs Bar, a venerable little watering-hole that dated back to the Beats, Ferlinghetti and all that stuff. They played my kinda music there, so it was a better hang.So this one night I walk in, get a seat at the bar, get my drink and just dig the scene--about halfway through my 20 minute break, what comes on but Cannonball's recording of "Del Sasser". Jazz geek I, I softly sing along, drumming along with with the little hits that answer the melody. At that moment, this beautiful older (again, to me) woman walks in, right by me, and notices my involvment in this tune. Says she; "Excuse me, you know this tune?" I said, "yes, "Del Sasser", by one of my bass heroes, Sam Jones." She replied, "Well, you know, Sam used to play around the corner at the Jazz Workshop quite often back in the sixties. He was a dear friend of mine--my name's Irene Del Sasser." We had a nice little chat--I got back a bit late for the next set, but it was worth it. And since then, I've played hundreds of gigs in that neighborhood--ten years of 3 nights a week right around the corner from Spec's, at Jazz at Pearl's with Vince Lateano and Bruce Forman, yet I never saw Ms. Del Sasser again.

John Wiitala

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